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Transforming the way to receive requests and communicate with customers using QR Code technology.

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Efficient, Simple, Effective

Optimized Request Management

Elevate your management and distribution.

Save Time & Effort

By simplifying the process of receiving and fulfilling requests, our platform enables you to focus on growing your business not managing it.

Increase Order Volume

Optimizing your workflow and streamlining the ordering process, you will increase throughput and meet customer demand with ease.

Improve Efficiency

Manage requests from your phone or desktop to ensure inventory is where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Increase Profitability

Take control of your deliveries & contractors with our powerful management tools, unlocking new revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities.

Dynamic QR Codes

Create hundreds of QR Codes linking locations to specific products.

Order Status Portal

Effortlessly manage requests from multiple locations in one portal.

Instant SMS Notifications

Instantly get an SMS notification to the phone number of your choosing when a request is submitted.


Gain valuable insights into frequently requested products and top requested locations.

How It Works

Generate, Scan, Confirm.

Easy As That.

You generate custom QR codes that your customers can scan when a restock is needed. An SMS notification will be sent to your selected contact and you will receive a pending request in your portal.


Maya Rosselini

12 minutes ago

Paper Towels - 20 Count is requested at 123 Main Street.


Ryan Heartman

8 minutes ago

Thanks for letting me know. I will get that order in.


Maya Rosselini

6 minutes ago


Unlock Insights

See How Your Codes Are Performing

Track general behavior such as how many times a code has been scanned or how many restocks have been requested. Using the analytics dashboard, see how each product is performing and restock counts for each location.

Industry Agnostic

Use Cases

Our solution can be used across a wide-range of business types.



How We Can Help:

  1. Fast and convenient
  2. Improve efficiency and accuracy
  3. Stay highly competitive

As a distributor who services breweries, auto shops or stores, managing inventory levels can be challenging, especially with high demand for specific products. To make the process easier, distributors are using QR code labels to track inventory levels and orders.

When delivering products to retail clients, delivery service workers can scan the QR code label placed on the shelf for each product to identify low inventory levels. This approach improves efficiency and accuracy in stock management by eliminating the need to write down inventory levels manually.


Car Rental

How We Can Help:

  1. Instant vehicle identification
  2. Open communication lines
  3. Improve customer satisfaction

Car rental services are highly competitive and customer satisfaction is a key factor in ensuring success. To enhance customer experience, a QR code label can be placed inside each car on the dashboard, which would enable renters to instantly connect with the rental company's service representative. This feature would be beneficial for both individual car renters, such as those renting cars on Turo, as well as for larger rental companies like Hertz.

When a renter scans the QR code using their smartphone, they can send a text message to the rental company representative with any questions or concerns they may have about the car. The message would contain the vehicle's identification number, which would allow the rental company representative to quickly identify which car is being referred to. For instance, a renter might send a message like, "Hey Turo Car Owner, I am driving the 2020 White Jeep Wrangler, and I have a question/concern."



How We Can Help:

  1. Enhanced portfolio management
  2. Identify cost savings
  3. Easy & clear communication

As an Airbnb investor or short-term rental (STR) property management firm, scaling your portfolio means managing more locations with different cleaners and property managers. In your supply closet or owner's closet, you keep cleaning supplies, and equipment, and other essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, lightbulbs, and bathroom towels. Placing a unique QR code for each product can streamline your inventory management and communication with cleaners and property managers.

By using QR code labels on your supplies, you can now easily track what each property needs and when. For example, your QR labels can notify you, "15 Cannon St, Unit B needs Charmin Ultra Soft 30-count toilet paper" or "220 Seaside Ave needs Infuse White Tea and a Coconut Hotel Complimentary Bulk set (75 count)." As you scale, inventory management becomes easier with this as part of your workflow.

By using QR code labels to manage your inventory and communicate with your cleaners and property managers, you can streamline your operations and scale your portfolio efficiently. This innovative approach to inventory management can set you apart from other Airbnb hosts and STR property management firms, giving you a competitive edge in the market.


Auto Shops

How We Can Help:

  1. Enhanced safety
  2. Improved workflow
  3. Reduced downtime

In a fast-paced auto shop, there is not always time to note what is running low, inform a manager, and place an order. With a QR code label placed near where a product is stored, a shop technician can quickly scan the code and place an order with the distributor, allowing them to get back to their work without interruption.

By using QR code labels to manage inventory and orders, distributors can improve auto shop efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Shop technicians can quickly and easily place orders, ensuring that the products they need are always available, reducing downtime due to low inventory levels.


Commercial Cleaners

How We Can Help:

  1. Better customer service
  2. Faster service time
  3. Competitive advantage

Place QR Code labels inside commercial facilities you manage and when attention is needed to a location, occupants can scan to inform you that "Cleaning service is needed in the West Wing Bathroom"

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7 day free trial available
  • Code Usage Analytics
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  • Order Request Portal
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • SMS Notifications
  • QR Code Generation Tool
  • Google SSO (Single-Sign-On)

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